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Porcelain Dollmaking Supplies, SFGW and Classes

Porcelain Dolls By ME is owned and operated by Mary Elliott, a doll artisan with over 25 years of dollmaking experience, and certified by the international Doll Artisan Guild as having qualified for their prestigious title of “Triple Crown of Doll-making” (TCDM).

Operating both retail and wholesale divisions we carry the largest range of  doll-making supplies in Australia; with our products sourced from around the globe and importing most products directly from the manufacturer.

We pride ourselves on providing personalised service and offer personal  “pre” and “after” sales advice, with assistance for every aspect of  doll-making.  Be it how to pour a mold, how to fire the greenware,  problems with firing, etc.

Please click on the Price Lists tab on the left to download our latest price list(s). These price lists are updated frequently to reflect new stock additions and any price changes.

Many items can also be purchased online from our Ebay store

New York Doll Products ( update as of 27th July)
Following the early 2016 decision by the Japanese owners of NYDP to close the business, it is still unclear as to whether a new owner has been found to continue production of which, if any, of the NYDP range of doll-making products.
At present PORCELAIN DOLLS BY ME, with the exception of composition bodies, has good stock levels of all NYDP products so please contact us for your needs. Although our current stock of composition bodies is limited to some 40+ different types we may well have the body you need.
Also, we have a shipment of NYDP composition slip due early September. We can take your orders for the slip now and bearing in mind the uncertain future of NYDP this may well be your last chance to purchase this product.


*  New York Doll Products
*  CDM/Seeleys brushes
*  Kemper dollmaking tools
*  Master Eye Bevellers
*  Perfecton Mohair Wefts
*  Kaiser (USA) Doll Stands
*  Eclectic Products USA (E6000 glue)
*  Monarch Natural Glass Doll Eyes

we last updated our site on 27th July, 2016

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